Friday, February 12, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: L

Lookout L! I've got this one covered. I have several items beginning with L to let go!!

We have an abundance of lotion in our home. I know I buy it and we have received quite few as gifts. Some of it has too much fragrance, or we don't like the smell. And the truth is my daughters and I don't use it much.

And yes, I found some little used fragrance sprays at the same time. Kind of sad to see it go to waste, but if we don't use it we shouldn't keep it in our home. I grabbed two other hand lotions that have been floating around to discard in addition to that one pictured above.

Here are more ideas of areas and things you can declutter starting with the letter L:

Long sleeved shirts
Life vests
Little Tykes
Lunch boxes (and containers)
Leather items
Lip balm
Living room
Linen closet
Laundry room
Lawn equipment

The big one that needs to go (and that should have gone last month) is Letters. The letters you write. My husband and I have those letters we wrote to each other early in our relationship, primarily when we were apart. (I'm writing this ahead, so at this writing I don't have this complete...remind me if you see this!)

I have a set of lamps in our garage that we aren't using. And I know of a couple lipsticks floating around that need to be discarded. I can also think of at least two long sleeve shirts I didn't wear at all this year, and possible last year. So yes, I have an long list of L items to let go. 

Did you find your fair share of L items to declutter? What other L items could be listed? 

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