Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: Q

There are not a lot of items that specifically begin with Q, but that doesn't mean we cannot declutter something in our homes or our lives. Sometimes the best way to know if you are ready to let go of an item is to ask yourself some questions.

Question why you bought something. If you know why, is that answer still true? Is so, keep it. If not, it is time to go regardless of what you spent. Sure you can sell if you want to recoup the money if needed.

Question if you have enough of that item already. Maybe you have quadruple what you could use or need. Those extras could be of use to someone else and free up more space for you. Yes, you are blessing someone else with a job or something new to them by donating to a charity. 

Question your intentions regarding the item. Will you finish the project? Will you wear it again? Will you use it again? Will you regret letting it go?

Question how it will feel to have the item out of your life. Will it be joy, sadness or indifference? Anything but sadness probably means you are ready to pass the item on.

I did think of a few items that could be categorized by the letter Q:

Quilting supplies
Quirky items
Quizzes and school papers
Quart jars
Poor quality items

I found a few quirky items to donate this week. A cubism magnet set, a dream catcher, and an odd ball. These items don't take up much space by themselves, but if you have a lot of small items they actually do accumulate to take up significant space. I would say my girls do have quite a few bins of small items. I could probably stack those bins at least five feet tall. And then if I were to admit some of the smalls I also have, we might make it to the ceiling! My point small is small stuff counts when decluttering!

Let me know if you have any other Q ideas! Or any questions regarding decluttering!

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