Monday, February 22, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: V

Did you know we have completed THREE full weeks of decluttering? This is the fourth week, and the final five days of decluttering. And while some of the letters may be intimidating, several of them are can encompass many kinds of items. So let's end this week with a lot of extra decluttering!!

Today's alphabet decluttering challenge is brought to you by the letter V. Here is the storm of ideas my brain came up with:

Valentine's and the decorations
Vacation trinkets
Vacation photos, maybe the blurry ones can go
VCR tapes and players
Vacuums and accessories
Violet colored items
Voice recorders
V neck shirts
Vast quantities of items
Vanilla scented or flavored items

Maybe you can find something you have been wanting to let go of for a VERY long time. And then we can praise your victory! Remember this decluttering is about getting rid of the stuff you do not need. It all counts regardless of the letter it corresponds to in the alphabet!

V did me in. I don't have anything specific to V to count, so I'm going to count the various items found in and on my desk the day I was writing this post. Old receipts, expired coupons, a card (which yes, was from Valentine's day) and some clear tabs for those folders I decluttered earlier in the month. It all counts!

After you declutter the letter V, there are only four more days left! Let's finish strong. Did you have any items to decluttering starting with V? Do you have any other ideas?

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