Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: W

Wow! We are to the letter W already. And I've got the perfect item for this one. Our Wii game system and a few games. My daughter got a Wii U for Christmas. We need to move over some of the data to the new system so we can let the old one go. Whee for Wii!!

I plan to sell the Wii and these games, since I know that they will offset the cost of the new one. And there is still some demand for the old system. I might as well get a little cash while I can.

Do you have an old Wii to get rid of? If not, I've got other ideas for you for the letter W:

White items
Weathered items
Warm weather clothes and gear
Wood items
Water bottles
Wool sweaters
Wicker items
Workout clothes and videos
Work items no longer needed
Wedding dress
Wedding decorations
Winter gear

Anything we won't use or doesn't work is all fair game for decluttering!

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