Saturday, March 19, 2016

Adjusting for the Right Size Container

Not too long ago, I noticed that we were accumulating far more plastic bags than we could ever reuse. The bags were overflowing the rather large reusable bag we keep under our kitchen counter. It was time to send some up to the laundry room where we need them for cat litter. I pulled quite a few out to take to recycling leaving with just a couple layers of bags (as shown below).

At the same time of this project, I realized that this really was the wrong size container for the job of holding plastic bags. It allowed us to accumulate far more than we ever need to have at one time. 

I found this white plastic basket in our garage figuring it would do the job just fine. 

Unfortunately, it was too deep! The disposal is on that side of the cabinet and hangs down too low. Thus this white basket wasn't quite right. 

I looked for something else. 

A plastic shoe box, without lid, was even better. It was low enough to get past the disposal and just the right size to hold some plastic bags. The right amount. I hope I can teach the others living with me not to add to this pile unless the supply is low. We do have a bag hanging just steps away outside our garage entrance with plastic bags that need to be recycled. The long term goal is to get back into the habit of using our reusable bags for groceries so we have far fewer coming into the house.

Containers do help keep things neat if you keep to the limits of the container. If you, don't I find things tend to get a little messy! 

Are you a fan of containers? Have you had to adjust the size for the items you want to contain?

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