Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Back to the Closet

I was working on keepsakes in January right? It seems so long ago! And about three weeks in I hit a point where I was just done. I didn't entirely finish the task of sorting through keepsakes, nor getting my closet a bit more tidy. In fact, I've been seeing this little pile in my closet everyday since then. Messy!!

That box is a new, unopened photo box! I intended to put some keepsakes inside it. But I never did. Last Friday, I decided to use the 30 minutes before I needed to leave the house to tackle it and make it better. I pulled that plastic cover off the box so I could open it and start putting some of the things inside from that pile. I did find some pictures that I put into another box and a few more cards and papers were tossed. 

The same area now looks like this (the photo above). I have one pile that needs to be put into a folder in our filing cabinet. And the lanyards from Universal Studios last summer I haven't quite figured out where to keep those. 

And the entire keepsake shelves look a bit tidier now that many of those papers and photos are now contained inside the black photo box! Eventually, I will do something with the six VHS tapes with memories on them. And I would like to condense the photo albums in some way. But it seems I need baby steps on these types of things. 

And look I found trash during my quick tidy!  I pulled the extra pages in the photo albums as I know they will never get used by me. I'm done adding physical photos to albums. 

There is definitely more work to do, but I'm sure happy I took the twenty minutes to move these papers around and get them into that photo box. Tidier makes me happy!

Do you have some project bothering you? Will you take a few minutes to try to improve it?

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