Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cleaning and Combining

My main goal yesterday was to clean our three bathrooms. The sinks, counters and toilets had been a little neglected this month. They had been cleaned, but just not as frequently as I usually do. I was kind of proud of how I combined the need to clean bathrooms with a couple other tasks.

Just before I went to shower for the day, I pulled the sheets of our master bed and started them in the washer. (It's nearly payday, so that is my reminder to wash sheets)Then while I was in the shower I cleaned the walls and floor of the shower. We have a tile shower and the owners prefer we use a squeegee after each use. It does seem to help by keeping hard water deposits from getting left on the walls. After that I applied the last of my bleach pen on some areas of grout I missed the first time about ten days ago.

Around the time I was finished getting my hair dry, the master bed sheets were ready for the dryer. I made the switch and pulled the sheets off both girls beds (daughter had just been home for spring break last week) and started those in the washer.

I cleaned the two upstairs bathrooms first. My method is something like this: toilet bowl cleaner applied first, move items off counters, clean mirrors with Norwex cloths, wash and shine up sinks, put items back on counter, scrub toilet with brush and then wipe down the toilet.

Somewhere in between getting the two upstairs bathrooms cleaned, I had read on our Organized Friends Facebook group that someone was making note on their calendar to flip their mattresses. I realized with the sheets off the beds this was the perfect time to do that here. We have been living here about 8 months and it is probably time to do so. I didn't flip this time (master mattress is made in such a way that we can only rotate), just rotated all mattresses. I was able to do all of them myself, although that master one is heavy and bulky and would have been easier with help.

I was able to get the final bathroom cleaned just before the master bed sheets came out of the dryer. So at this point all my dirty microfiber cloths I used for cleaning had a open machine to be dumped into and I had the twin bed sheets drying while I put the master bedroom sheets back on the bed.

Eventually, the girls beds were made too, but I felt quite accomplished to be getting all those tasks done in a pretty short period of time. I also went back and rinsed off that bleach in the shower along the way, too. It does help that I knew what needed to be done and just kept tackling it all without getting distracted by something else along the way.

I love when I can fit a task like turning mattresses in when I'm already doing something else like getting the sheets washed. Or when I throw a lunch box in with a load of laundry to be cleaned. Do you have certain cleaning chores or tasks you combine?


  1. I usually combine watering my plants with washing dishes. I use the water that runs while waiting to get warm to water my plants.