Sunday, March 13, 2016

Clutter Represents Indecisions

I've been pondering that title for a week or two after seeing the phrase somewhere. I think it's true to some degree. We get hung up on the what, the where, how and even who regarding our stuff. 

Where to start when we have so much? Who in our house is going to start and finish the job? Who will transport the stuff away? Where should the stuff go? How will we get rid of it? Does it go in the trash? How do we keep it out of the landfill? Where is the recycling center? 

I'm sure at least one of those questions have come up when pondering the clutter you know that is in your home. Our latest one is how to get rid of our nearly new refrigerator and an extra couch. We seem to be stuck. We haven't decided what to do. Thus we still have these items as clutter in our home. 

I don't like that this extra couch is sticking out from the wall. It's too big for the space. Although we all still use it. It is kind of cozy to sit in the corner there. It's still in pretty good shape to sell for a little bit of cash.  And I definitely feel the same about the refrigerator. It is worth some money for the condition it is in. But it is big and bulky and we don't need it since there is a large refrigerator in our kitchen.

I think the decision to sell is clear. The method of selling is not. We are still undecided about selling online, at a garage sale, or through some type of consignment. And the truth is the lack of decision means we still have this clutter that we don't need. 

I'm hoping that in the next couple months, we can finally decide to take action to rid ourselves of this extra clutter in our home. And I sure wouldn't mind a little cash! 

What do you think? Does clutter represent indecision in your home? 

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