Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Decluttering By Putting Items to Use

We have lived in our current home since mid July. I'm finally doing something about getting our bedroom curtains hung. They have been stuffed on a shelf in our master bedroom closet. I realized those are clutter! And I'm tired of that clutter.

We purchased two curtain rods for the girls rooms this weekend. We also installed them! (Yes, we can put curtain rods up in our rental, as long as we take down and repair wall before we move) 

There is something about curtains that make a space just a bit more cozy! 

And now one of our closet shelves has less clutter! I'm not entirely sure if we are putting our master bedroom curtains up. I'm starting to lean towards yes...especially now that the sun is waking me up earlier than I prefer on the weekends! The other advantage is less clutter!!

Do you have anything sitting around as clutter that could be put to use, thus eliminating its status as clutter? 

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