Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good Day for a Five Minute Tidy

Our stuff and clutter can be so overwhelming at times. And it keeps piling up doesn't it?

I don't know if people realize how much energy our brains actually use noticing what we don't like in our homes. Even if you think you aren't thinking about it, I think you are. The evidence supporting this is how wonderful you feel when you clean up, declutter and donate. You feel lighter and happier after completing these things. That means you likely let go of the worry, frustration and annoyance that your clutter or mess holds.

One of  quickest ways to feel that relief from clutter is a five minute tidy.

Set a timer and work as fast as you can to put away items that have a home. Some of those items may be trash, items that can be donated, recycled or put away where that item should go. Go with your gut, don't over think things. Just tidy.

When the time is up, look at the progress you made!! And feel how much better you feel.

You don't have to tidy everyday. Maybe just when you are feeling the most overwhelmed. Of course, if that is everyday, then maybe just consider that everyday is a good day for a five minute tidy!

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