Friday, March 18, 2016

Master Bathroom Shower

The deep cleaning of our master bathroom shower is the final big project on my spring cleaning list. I'm going to tackle it, even though I don't want to. Have you noticed a little pattern with the projects I have on my spring cleaning list. Big dirty projects that I don't want to do? Yes, I noticed too.

The shower is tile, natural stone and glass. The natural stone can't be cleaned with harsh chemicals. In fact, the owners of this home didn't really give any specific product they used. I think after four years they were still trying to find the right thing.

The main problem is the joint of grout where the walls and floor meet get moldy, despite using a squeegee after every use. It could be because they put caulk in that area. It's hard to get growing mold off sticky caulk. I've had no problem bushing it right off on the grout areas.

My basic plan is to use a bleach pen on those caulked areas. Later I will put another clean layer of caulk on. I'm not sure if this will really work long term, but I hope that it cleans it up well enough that I can repeat the process at the time we go to move out. I kind of think this is what the owners did before we moved in because it wasn't moldy when we arrived.

The other icky task is to clean under the door and the frame. I think an old toothbrush and some paper towels are going to be my friends on this task. I think this part will be pretty quick. Maybe I'll time myself on that section and let you know.

See all those cleaning tools in there?
We really do try to keep it clean, nature just seems to be against us!

Do you have trouble with mold in your shower or tub? Do you have a super cleaner for your natural stone shower?

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