Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Small Task: Cleaning Microwave

On Sunday, I wrote a post about some smaller spring cleaning tasks you might do if you are short on time. Some of those things on the list were things I needed to do also! I completed cleaning the microwave today. And it only took 8 minutes!

That picture above doesn't show that it was dirty, but it was. There was food splattered on the door and the side of the microwave. And a very little bit on the tray inside. I pulled that out and cleaned it in the sink with soap and water. 

I used the same rag with soap and water to wipe the inside of the microwave. And then used a dry towel to shine it up. And it only took a few minutes. 

Even a small task done in a few minutes makes me feel better. And then I wonder why we put these tasks off to that mythical later date. Have you completed a small task today?

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