Thursday, March 10, 2016

Small Task: Cleaning Outdoor Glass Table

I'm still working on windows here, but I decided I could fit in another small task. I wanted something to share with you, so that was motivation also! In the few moments before I began making dinner, I decided the outdoor table on our patio could wiped down. And oh boy, it really needed it!

I almost forgot to take a before picture. This is better since it shows the difference between the clean and dirty sides of the table. I used a wet microfiber to get the most of it up. It was nearly like cleaning up mud.

A few paper towels (my polishing cloth was in the washer from all the window work I did today) later and the glass was squeaky clean and shiny again. That makes me feel happy!

There is a whole lot of other work to do on our porch. The chairs need to be cleaned off just as much as the table did. I also need to take a vacuum or broom to the floor out there. It seems the cats shed just as much outside as inside and it collects on a screened in porch! Those tasks wait for another day.

Try a small task today and let me know how it made you feel to complete it!

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