Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Small Task: Cleaning a Small Window

Today I'm popping in to let you know I completed a small task before dinner the other night. I was warming the oven to put in frozen pizzas on a busy night. I decided I had time for small task. I choose to clean the transom window above our front door. I skipped it last week when I was washing windows because I need something to stand on to reach it.

I tried to get two pictures to show the layer of dust that was up there.

The picture below is after I completed the task, using only my Norwex cleaning cloths and water. Pretty shiny and clean, don't you think?

I timed myself again. I had the cloths out, but needed to get a chair from the garage. The timer includes getting the chair out and putting it back after. Time does not include taking pictures or writing this blog post.

Look at that! This small task only took 3.5 minutes. I love small tasks!!

I also took the cloths out to the table on our porch and wiped it down again. Remember I just did that last week? I'm going to make it a weekly habit now that pollen season is here, because there was a major layer of dirt and pollen on it already. 

What small task have you completed this week? Did you do more than one?

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