Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Blinds Done

I know you just read about my cleaning of blinds yesterday. I'm sure it seems a surprise to you that I'm done already. I officially started about a week before. It has been quite the chore cleaning 16 window blinds, but I feel just about as good as I do when I get my decluttered items dropped off at a charity. Almost as good.

I did end up changing my method on some of the blinds, since some of them were particularly dusty.

I had to dampen my microfiber cloth in order for the dust to stick to the cloth. Otherwise it seemed on these really dusty ones I was just smearing it around. I primarily used water, but a few times I used my lavender scented all purpose cleaner made by Method. I think the lavender smell helped me push through the chore at times too! Bonus!!

As far as time, I cleaned blinds on five different days. One day I only did one blind. I did five one day, but I split the time on those up during different parts of the day. On the last day, I did four blinds. I think I was ready to be done. And I think I easily spent four hours cleaning them. In fact, it could have been more since they were dirtier than I realized and that wet method does take longer.

Here's a close up of one of the clean blinds. I had to let go of them being perfectly clean of any dust particles...that is just nearly impossible. The are much, much better!

I did think about those of you who have allergies or sensitivities to dust. I'm sure this task seems very unappealing. I've heard some people wear dust masks in their homes while they clean. This keeps the dust out of their airways. Has anyone tried this?

Next up on my spring cleaning list is to clean the windows and the frames they are in. The windows seem pretty clean, but I plan to use my Norwex cloths to get them super clean! I will also be cleaning the dust off the frames where the locks are located, as well as the window frame that collects a lot of dirt and bugs. I find that I don't like to have windows open when they are this dirty!

Pretty clean, but there is a layer of dust that I want to eliminate.

So back to each of those 16 windows I go!!

Do you clean your windows regularly? Once a year? Less often? More often?

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