Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Cobwebs Be Gone!!

I already started on my March spring cleaning list!

Dust the ceiling and crown moulding for cobwebs is complete.

I used a long handled wool duster to complete my entire home. I'm going to guess it took me 20 to 30 minutes at the most. Maybe it was far less, but I went back over some areas just to make sure I got everything.

Wool duster hanging up in the garage...see it?
We have pretty nice crown moulding on the main level of our home and in our master bedroom and bathroom. I think it may trap more dust than walls without it, at least it seem to me that it does. This is the first home we have owned that has had that installed.

I came up with a great way for myself to remember to do this task on a regular basis around the time I finished. Earlier in the day the pest control staff was at our home. They always use a cobweb duster on the outside of the house. And I was doing the same thing inside the home. So my new plan is that I will dust for cobwebs on the ceilings when pest control does their service. Pest control comes to the house quarterly, so I have the opportunity to remember to do this at least four times a year. 

When I went to put my duster away in the garage, I spotted this dust on the door. That is a lot of dust that was flying around our home. I'm glad I thought to start with a top down approach to my cleaning!

My next task is to clean and dust light fixtures and fans that are on the ceilings. I'm guessing several of them are now coated with a similar layer of dust as seen above. These make the most logical sense if I'm using the top down approach this month. 

Do you have crown mouldings? Do you dust your ceilings for cobwebs and dust? What tool do you use, and how often?

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