Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Dusting Blinds

I did my first of 16 blinds today! And I timed it to give me an idea of how much time to allow for these. I decided to start in the dining room. This room is the first one you see upon entering through the front door. 

That picture above is after I finished dusting it. See? No dust! 

And it took less than 13 minutes to complete. 

I did a little math. With 16 blinds at about 13 minutes each, that is nearly three and a half hours of work to do. I know I can't handle dusting blinds for three hours straight. I'm breaking this big spring cleaning task up into 30-45 minute chunks of time. 

In past homes, I have done different methods of blind cleaning. The vinyl blinds in a couple houses would get pretty dusty and grimy. I usually needed to use water with a light cleaning solution along with a microfiber cloth to get the job done. Lots of rinsing involved! In our last home we had dark faux wood blinds. Because we were the first owners and the dark wood color showed the dust I ended up dusting them with more frequency. As a result, just dusting with a dry, or sometimes, a damp microfiber cloth was plenty. This made for a less messy and quicker task. 

I did decide to use the most basic of dusting methods. A dry microfiber cloth. I started at the top of the blind and wiped each slat from left to right. I grabbed the slat from above and below to make sure to get any dust that may have been clinging to the underside. 

It does feel great to have started on an item on my actual spring cleaning list! I hope to knock the blinds out in three or four days at the most. 

Do you break large cleaning tasks into smaller bits of time? Or do you prefer to go all in and get it done in one day? 

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  1. Definitely break up into smallest buts of time. It doesn't feel as bad then.