Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Moving Dust Down

My dusting of cobwebs and the crown moulding led me to another spring cleaning task not on my original list. I guess it is good I left the entire month to accomplish these tasks!

I decided that the dust falling down probably landed on many surfaces besides the floor after seeing that door handle the other day. I picked our doors and hung pictures to be the next on my dusting dance. Do you see how the doors have some indentations in them? That is where I found some of the dust had settled.

I went over the tops of the door frames with my dusting cloth, too. Luckily I didn't find much dust up there since this was one area I hit when I used my long handled wool duster earlier in the week.

I usually dust the picture frames on the wall when I do our regular dusting (which isn't that regular), but I made an effort today to hit them as well, since I was trying to moving the dust down. 

I did all the doors, including closet doors, and picture frames in just under 14 minutes!! Can you believe it? That wasn't that big of a task at all. To give a little perspective I dusted seven doors on the lower level and fourteen upstairs!

The next task I tackle is one from my original list. Dust the blinds. All of them. I have seven on the lower level and seven on the upper level. Some are bigger than others, so they don't all take the same amount of time. It is definitely as task that will take me more than a day. 

I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to break the task up. I'll let you know as I go along...although I will try not to have 14 posts about dusting blinds!!

If you don't have blinds in your home, another task you may want to consider if you are spring cleaning is to wash your curtains. Those really hold more dust than you can imagine. Many can be taken down and popped into the washing machine. Others may need to be dry cleaned. Be sure to check the label for the right method. 

Do you dust your blinds? How do you do yours? 

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