Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Windows ARE Clean

I am DONE! I cleaned all the windows in our home. They are so sparkly clean. And I feel so happy to have completed a big and dirty project.

I'm also super excited that I figured some things out about our windows in the process. I mentioned in my first post about windows that one section of the window tilts in so that I can clean the outside glass. What I couldn't figure out, until after cleaning a majority of the windows was how to get the screen out. It seemed to be wedged in there. It turns out, that while I have the window tilted in, I can just pull the screen up and out, if I have undone the latches on the screen that keep it from moving around in the frame!

Can you see the screen tilted in just a bit? Pull up and out. Easy!

I really wish I could have learned this earlier because the track below the window is the hardest part to clean. Particularly when the screen is still in place. Some of the tracks were REALLY dirty. In fact the picture below was the last one I needed to clean. It looks like someone put potting soil in there!!

I was able to get the screen edge even cleaner once they were out of the frame. And the tracks got squeaky clean without the frame in the way. Well almost, there is still some dirt on the edges, but so much better!

Since I didn't know the trick with most of the windows it feels like I should go back and clean them better with the screens out, but I'm not going to. I have already spent plenty of time on all of them. And they are all significantly better. And I can deal with that!

Again, I feel so much better getting these cleaned up. I can now open any window in the house and not feel grossed out that the wind is going to blow all that dirt into our home. And I definitely wiped off mildew or mold, which I think can cause some allergy issues for our daughter. So that is better, too!

As I have mentioned many times, it so helpful to break these big tasks down into smaller sessions. I know that these windows took me about five different sessions to complete. Each one was easily an hour of time. Break down the big, overwhelming tasks when you can. It helps you get them done, rather than procrastinating!!

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