Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Windows

I've started on cleaning all the windows in our home. Remember how I had to dust 16 blinds, well I have 16 windows behind those blinds. Some of those blinds are actually hiding two or three SETS of windows. It is another big chore!

In addition to the basic glass cleaning, I'm cleaning the top of the window that moves up and down. This is where the latches are...and dust has collected there over time. I'm pretty sure these were at least this dirty and dusty when we moved in last July. So it's not just grime from the last eight months. I'm using just a little all purpose cleaner with a cloth to do this portion.

The track or well area of the window is especially dirty. I'm using a water bottle to squirt water into that area and wipe with a cloth. It's pretty messy and takes several passes with the cloth to get it clean. I know it won't stay that clean forever, but it's much more pleasant to open a window for fresh air when it is cleaner. The pictures below are before, I failed to take after, but I bet you can imagine those areas without dirt!

My husband helped me figure out that one section of each window tilts in! I've never had these type of windows before, so it was nice to figure that out. I only wish the upper section would tilt in as well, but that portion seems to be fixed in position. Three out of four panels of glass isn't bad though. 

I used my Norwex glass cleaning clothes to do the hard work on the glass. I used the water and a traditional microfiber on the window track. I did have to rinse that one out several times since it got dirty pretty fast. As it turns out, about the time I'm getting tired of doing windows, the cloths are dirty and it is time to stop and throw them in the washer. How convenient!

As of this post, I have completed washing five windows, in two days time. Many more to go. I will keep attacking a few more each day and until I am done.

Do you have windows that tilt or can be removed? What is your favorite window cleaner?

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