Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Best Decluttering Method

I recently heard a podcast, I believe by Dana White of A Slob Comes Clean, where the best decluttering method was discussed. And I just have to say I whole heartily agree with her! The best method of decluttering is the one that works for you! You know the one where the stuff actually leaves your house.

We all have different methods of tackling the clutter in our homes. For some of us it is a little at a time, and others of us go full on and tackle everything as a big project and finish in one or two days. Dana realized that she had to stop seeing her clutter as a project that could only be done when she had time. When you think that way, you never quite find the perfect time to let that clutter go.

We get stuck on how to let it go. Do we put it in the trash or the recycling bin? Do we put in on the curb for free, or have a garage sale? Should we donate it or take it to consignment?

Guess what? It doesn't really matter which method you use to dispose of your stuff as long as you actually let it leave your home!

And if you get that clutter to leave your home, you get a high five and a "Good Job" from me! Now let's go declutter something!!

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