Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Stopped Saving Coupons

In an effort to keep paper a little more manageable in our home, I've decided to no longer clip and print coupons. I was finding that I was throwing more out than I was using.

I will first say I did have a pretty good system to keep them organized and contained. I kept all grocery coupons in a small file that I could slip in my purse. And that file had dividers for different categories. I had even made my own that made sense for me and the type of coupons I used.

I also kept department store coupons in a clear file folder. When they would arrive in the mail I would slip them into this folder. I would take in the car with me when I would be running to these stores. Before I went in I would grab that stores coupon in case I made a purchase! So handy.

The downside of coupons is they accumulate faster than we use them. At least in our house! I have always tossed/recycled coupons that I know I would never use, or even those that I would like not need before the expiration date. But those I kept still did not get used before the expiration date. And then I had a bad habit of forgetting them at home.

In the last year since we moved things have changed. We no longer buy the local paper, therefore, I'm not receiving inserts of coupons to even cut out. That has sure cut down on time spent moving paper around for reading, recycling and cutting. And we save money but not having the local paper arrive at our home. I do read plenty of articles online so I'm still aware of what is going on locally.

We now shop for most of our groceries at the nearby commissary on post. We actually save money there without coupons! The military says it is a 30% savings overall. And from a few items I can think of this is spot on! I can use coupons there if I want, which would make the savings even more. The ones I use are primarily from the ones I clip on their phone app. So much more convenient than keeping track of little pieces of paper with an expiration date.

I've also found that for the stores I like to use coupons at that they also have phone apps with coupons available. I want to use 40% off at Hobby Lobby? I can pull it up on my phone. Or I want to spend at JC Penney, I check their app for a coupon and the cashier just scans it right off my phone.

I think I may save more money now that I use coupons this way. I shop first and then look for a coupon to complement what I need to buy. I don't see a coupon and think I should use it and go shopping. Not that was me all the time anyway, but I think you get my point.

I still get coupons in the mail from Kohl's and other catalogs. Occasionally I do keep one or two. However, now I slip them in my purse or wallet, rather than a large folder. And since I see them a little more often, I'm likely to toss them out as soon as I notice they are expired, or even once I'm clear I won't be using them. I'm also not likely to keep more than just a couple in my purse.

Have you considered stopping the coupon saving in your home? Would it provide you the relief of one less thing to corral in your busy life? Let me know if you will try it or if you already skip saving coupons?

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  1. I use coupons very very much. But, only from the grocery ad and the ones sent to me from Kroger! It's more than enough of a hassle to look through those every week, ha, let alone adding any more into the mix. I keep them all in a zip pocket in my grocery/meal plan binder, and it is ready there to make grocery lists with, and then I take it to the store and the coupons are there. Every once in a while I remember to check the manufacture coupons on my local Kroger store's site, and if there's something I'm already buying, I'll add it to my rewards card and it's not another thing to print, but I remember to do that maybe once a month (and it's hardly ever worth it, as I mostly buy generics anyway).
    I'm the same with the craft store coupons, though. If I'm in need of an item, I pretty much depend on that 40% off coupon being online, ha!