Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Possible Laundry Time Savers

I came across an advertisement for those Shout Color Catchers recently and remembered that I have used those with good results. I was using them temporarily while we lived in a hotel. We had to pay for each load of laundry and I just didn't want to waste my money with extra loads. So instead of two loads, one whites/lights and one dark, I combined them together and threw in a color catcher. Two loads down to one. It was so helpful to have that option! I can imagine these being particularly helpful those who are single or when washing a few delicates that might be of different colors.

Another surefire way is to reduce the amount of clothing you wash. This can be done by wearing items more than once. I wear my jeans two or three days at a time. ( I think I read somewhere you shouldn't EVER wash them. That's too crazy for me! ) Pajamas can be worn several days before washing. If you wear fewer items each week, then you have less laundry! Two pairs of jeans rather than seven. One pair of pajamas rather than three for example. And you can reuse towels if you hang them up to dry after you dry of your clean body. 

By reducing how much you wash and the number of loads you can save water, soap and the electricity need to dry. You also save time because you have less to fold and put away. Do you have any other ways to save time in the laundry room?

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