Friday, April 1, 2016

Time to Plan

It's the beginning of the month! Again.

I find this is often my signal to create new goals. A few goals each month helps me focus on what I want to accomplish, improve or pay attention to in the weeks ahead.

I know that without this blog or my plan to get some cleaning done in March that I would have accomplished far less. The goals for me are the first step to guide me where I want to end up. Writing for the blog adds an additional push to keep moving forward on those goals because I know someone is reading. Right now, I see my April goals being a mix of home and health. Design and weight loss to be a bit more specific.

I have some goals to improve the decor in our home this month. Primarily we need to make a few changes to our living area. We are in need of an area rug, coffee table, a couple end tables and lamps. And I admit need may be a strong word. We want to make some improvements would be more accurate.

We also have a church pew that I want to refinish. It has been mostly stripped of its stain previously and currently sits on our covered porch. The next step is to finish removing the stain, so that we can stain it again. It will then come into our home and into our entry hallway.  I have never stained a piece of furniture before and I have been putting it off long enough.

The health goal is going to be to lose weight. I have eaten too much and moved too little in last couple years and it is shows! I'm going to try a Diet Bet this month that starts on Monday. The goal will be to lose 4% of my weight in four weeks. I will bet $30. I hope the risk of losing money will motivate me to make the right choices that will help me lose weight. And by right choices, I mean moving more and eating less (likely by counting calories).

Thanks for reading about my goals! Have you considered goals for yourself or your home this month? Do you want to share?


  1. I need to put on weight so I should focus on that again.

    1. Health goals are important! Best wishes this month for you Sarah.