Friday, May 20, 2016

Closet Progress

I've made progress on the closet that was holding all of the items I decluttered in recent months. I had been saving some of it for a garage sale. In the end, I passed on the community garage sale in favor of doing some volunteer work. I have no regrets on that decision! It was just time to get the closet empty. 

Here's what it looked like earlier in the week. 

After I dropped all those items off at Goodwill the closet looked like this: 

I packed up the books and some electronic cords that I believe we can sell at our local used book store.  Most of them are from my oldest daughter. She will get most of any cash or credit there to make another purchase. 

In the meantime, I've added another box to the closet. It's a text book we have listed for sale on There is still a battery and an AC computer cord in there. I'm getting ready to disassemble the hard drive from our old laptop and possibly sell some of the parts. Although, I may just drop it somewhere for recycling. That will require a little more research!

It does feel good to take those final steps to get the stuff I already knew I didn't want or need out of our home! 

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