Friday, May 6, 2016

Refrigerator Clean Out

I've got company coming two different times this month. This motivates me to clean the refrigerator and freezer. I don't want them to see spills or food science experiments. I was a bit creative in that I opened iTunes and picked a long song to try to beat. Kind of like racing the clock, but in a more energized way.

The first two pictures are how it looked BEFORE I started. Admittedly not too bad.

In case you interested, the song I picked was American Pie, by Don McLean. It's over 8 minutes long! I did finish the top three shelves and the next two drawers before the song ended. So I started it up again. By the time, I had played the song 2.75 times the fridge AND the freezer were clean, which means just a mere 22 minutes to toss some old items, wipe everything down, and rearrange a bit.

These next two pictures show my completed project! 

And I did find some old bread, beans, carrots and hash browns to toss. I'm glad that tomorrow happens to be trash day!

I would say cleaning out my refrigerator is a quarterly task, I'm sure I've stretched it out to four or even six months before.  I don't actually put this on the calendar, though I could. It's usually guests or a big shopping trip that get me motivated to get it done.

When did you last clean your refrigerator? How long do you think it would take?

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