Tuesday, May 17, 2016

These Items MUST Leave

I mentioned we had company in my last post. It was really enjoyable! I noticed (and so did my husband) that I wasn't very good at picking up after myself while they were here. I just let some things go so I could enjoy the time spent with them.

Soon after they left, I did a tidy of the house and got many of the things left out put away. I think I was done in about 30 minutes. That even included putting some laundry away and getting more laundry started. It is well worth the effort, even though, one can be tired after company leaves.

My next project is to get some of the items I have already decluttered OUT of our home.

The items on the the floor and the two shelves above are all items I have previously pulled out of other areas with the intention of donating (and in a few cases, selling). It's time to gather them up don't you think? 

I hope that later in the week I can show you the much more empty closet. Stay tuned!

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