Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cluttered Closet

Scroll back to the last post and you will notice I made progress on a closet. That lasted about two weeks! Then my oldest daughter, now home from college decided she had stuff in her closet that she no longer wanted. I directed her to put those items in the cleared out closet for me to deal with later. At the time we were preparing for the arrival of company.

I was definitely pleased with the decluttering. My daughter found t shirts from when she was in elementary school, stuffed animals and other things that at one time had meaning. I think when one leaves home and realizes they lived without the stuff they left behind, they are much less attached. Maybe this is where the idea to put items in a box label with a future date comes in. (If you make it to that date without opening the box you don't need the item, thus you can simply donate or discard without opening. By the way, has anyone actually done this?)

I'm now to the point where I have time to start getting this stuff out of the house. I could just box up and take to Goodwill. And that would not be wrong at all! However, I can see that some things could maybe be sold. Maybe. I'm going to separate those items from items I know we should donate for sure. Then I will do my research. I also hope to have made at least one charity drop off by the end of the week! I posting this to keep me accountable.

Do you have an area in your home that has become cluttered again?

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