Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday 15 - June 15, 2016

It's Wednesday! The day where we report what 15 items (or more) that we have decluttered from our homes this week. I'm counting the items my daughter decluttered from her room a couple weeks ago. The reason I feel I can count these is because I'm the one making the final determination on where they need to go.

She recycled an entire paper grocery bag when she did her initial purge. I tore apart old notebooks and planners so the paper portions could be recycled also.

I found stuff that wasn't worth sending to Goodwill and should have just been trashed initially. I think she was just so eager to make the decision that it was to leave her room she didn't think about separating things. I think she does know the difference though. In total about 1 1/2 grocery bags full of trash.

My daughter is an artist and was ready to get rid of some clay items she made two years ago. She did found out that ceramics is not her medium. As her mother, I just wasn't quite ready to part with these! Even her sister said we should keep them. For now, we will. 

Among her discards, I found about eight finger puppets, embroidery floss, pencils and a book she authored in fourth grade. My sister is interested in the finger puppets. I'm going to send the book to her girls along with the pencils and embroidery floss (if my sister approves, other wise all but the book will get donated).

I was considering keeping the sock monkey, but decided not to. I don't NEED a sock monkey! I set aside these three t shirts, thinking I might make a patriotic wreath or something. I'm giving myself one week to make it happen. If not, I will be reporting these again next week!!

And yes, I did find some other things to save...

  • plastic blue basket/tote
  • small bucket ( I want to put a mini cactus in it)
  • working colored markers
  • latching container
  • plastic container with compartments
  • and lots of rocks of all colors (which I decided I may use in decorating at in my pot of flowers seen below!)

So this decluttering of my daughter's things ended up being a small fail because we didn't let everything go. But the success is that 75% of it IS going to be dropped off this week. A small portion (five items) will be put up for sale. 

Sale items on shelf, donations in bags on the bottom of the closet. 

Ah, progress!

What did you find for Wednesday 15? Do you have a particular area you are working on?

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