Friday, July 15, 2016

Taking Down the Shoe Organizer

I suppose you have seen my shoe organizer in the past. Here's a reminder of what it looks like. I sometimes refer to it as our junk drawer! It's a lot of miscellaneous items.

I recently decided that I didn't like it on the back of the door. This is partly because we use this room, and sometimes have the door closed making this more noticeable than when we would just keep it in our laundry room (in our past two homes). I'm keeping other things behind our laundry room door now, so I don't want the items there. 

I decided that I probably could get rid of a lot of the things in this organizer, and and find a new place for the remainder.

I pulled everything out that was being stored inside the shoe organizer. It's really not that much stuff! I guess part of that reason is that each section wasn't used, let alone full. 

The items behind the bin are the items I decided we no longer needed to keep. Some of those items are a dictionary and thesaurus (which we can find online), Easy Button, extra pens, chalk markers, paint markers, calligraphy pens, extra stapler, and garage sale stickers.  

The items in the bin and to the right are things I found new homes for. The bin was actually full of art supplies. I first let go of several items in there, so I could add two types of tape, colored pencils and markers to the bin.  I was able to put some pens, extra paper clips and rubber bands in the desk drawer I recently decluttered. 

I'm donating the discards AND the shoe organizer! We have far less to store with all the decluttering we have been doing over the last few years, so I don't need this organizer any longer. Ah, it feels good to have a cleaner space. 

Do you have an organizer in your home that you could actually discard? Do you find rehoming your items helps tweak the way you use your things? 

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