Sunday, August 21, 2016

22 Easy Items to Declutter

I find some things in our home are actually pretty easy to declutter and let go of if we set aside just a little time to tackle them. Some of these could probably be done in less than a minute!

1. Expired Medications
2. Old magazines
3. Expired Coupons
4. Broken Toys
5. Outgrown clothing
6. Expired Spices
7. Old food
8. Unused cleaning supplies
9. Unknown parts
10. Scratched DVDs
11. Clothing you dislike
12. Unloved decorations
13. Unread books
14. Old cosmetics
15. Old mail
16. Receipts over 90 days old
17. Items without mate (storage containers, socks, earrings)
18. Worn sheets
19. Worn bath rugs and towels
20. Unused tools
21. Old cellphones
22. Excess office supplies

Even if some of these would take you awhile, consider if the topic sparked one or two from that category that you know could be put in the donate pile right now. Decluttering can happen in small fragments of time. Keep making the effort and you will begin to notice the difference.

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