Friday, August 26, 2016

Attempted Decor Update

Laundry rooms came up on the Organized Friends Facebook page recently. I thought I'd share ours. 

It's functional and has just what I need. It's not particularly pretty, which makes me a little sad. But look how there isn't any laundry visible. It's all clean and put away! For the most part you would only see laundry in here at the times we are doing laundry. What a concept huh? 

We hide a broom, the Swiffer and the ironing board behind the door. They are all slim enough to stay put even when the door is fully open.

In an effort to improve my laundry room, I found a picture to put up. The picture was actually in our downstairs living area. I had been meaning to take it out of it's frame because I knew that behind it in the same frame was our family picture! I had covered it up with a landscape picture when our home was on the market (Spring 2015).  Time to show our faces to the world again.

I found an unused frame (technically it is frameless) just the right size for the landscape picture. After cleaning the glass, I installed it on the wall in the laundry room. Here's how it looks now:

I'm not sure I like it, but it may be better than a blank wall. The best part is I did get the photo of our family visible and I tried to make use of something I already had to improve an area of my home. I think I maybe just am no longer a fan of these types of frames. If that ends up being the case, then I know I have two to donate!

What do you use your laundry room for besides laundry? Do you hang art or decorations in your laundry room?


  1. Since I sort laundry [hot water/bleach, color, darks], I used three, colorful, round baskets, turquoise, white, yellow and hung each on a large suction hook on the wall picture-like, when not in use. Our utility/laundry room is small and I really like using a four rope, retractable clothes line which for practical reasons replaced baskets. The opposite wall has a large, entry style, door hook unit so that items can instantly go from washer or dryer as appropriate, to hanger and efficiently to closet.

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