Friday, August 12, 2016

Decluttering From The Curb

Well there is a first time for everything. And this is probably a first for me. A couple days ago I was taking my daily walk around the neighborhood. It was trash day. I walked by one house and noticed a box next to the trashcan. Initially, I really only saw magazine holders with papers inside. I glanced in and thought I saw a book. I kept on moving. 

The second time around my curiosity was high enough that I moved the papers aside and discovered the entire bottom of the box was filled with children's board books. From first glance they seemed to be in fine shape. I continued on my walk thinking how those books should not be going to the landfill. 

After my walk, I jumped into my van, pulled up to the house and rang the doorbell. Two young girls (so cute) and their mother opened the door. I asked if I could have the books if she was going to trash them anyway. Sure! She said she thought they were pretty worn. I told her I thought someone would still be able to get used out of them. 

So I loaded the entire box of stuff up!

I'm going to Goodwill or some other thrift store very soon anyway and I will take the books, and magazine holders. I recycled the papers and even shredded five pieces I saw that had a social security number on them (yikes!!).  At least those got put in my honest hands. 

Have you decluttered and donated someone else's trash before? 

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