Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Decluttering Results In Empty Bins!

We have decluttered enough in recent years that we now find we have extra space in closets and drawers, in fact a year ago I showed you some of the empty spaces we had in our last home. I was doing some digging in the garage this weekend and realized how many empty containers and bins we have. I pulled them all out so I could get you a picture.

I did a little rearranging, and they are now a  better organized, but probably still spread out more than necessary. I think eventually some will get donated or sold. I can imagine getting rid of the ones that don't match or have lids, or that I don't like for whatever reason. This will leave me with only the best ones. 

Because we move frequently and each home has different storage options, I like to have the bins and containers available if needed. I would likely suggest to others not too keep too many extras, since you can easily replace these bins for less than $10 each if it really came down to needing more. 

Have you found yourself with more empty bins and containers the more that you declutter? 

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