Thursday, August 25, 2016

Greeting Cards Planned

I was in a big box store recently. I had specific items I was looking for, which I did not find, so I began leaving the store. As I passed the greeting card section, I remembered that I have a birthday I need to send a card for next month. I figured I might as well get the card while I was thinking of it. As I searched for the right card, I came across a few others that would be good for some birthday's later in the year. In the end, I bought five cards. I'm now done shopping for greeting cards through the end of the year!

I don't actually send that many cards throughout the year, but it does help eliminate extra trips to have the cards and the stamps ready when it's time to send. I have put reminders on my calendar in the past so I remember that I have a card to send.

I have a specific spot on my desk that is out of the way, yet visible, so I am reminded frequently that I have this stash of cards waiting to be sent.

If you stock up on greeting cards and pick the card for a specific person, I advise writing their name in the corner where the stamp goes as a reminder. Or write lightly in pencil, if you expect to deliver it without a stamp.

Another way to save time and money with greeting cards, is to buy boxes of similar cards, such as a box of birthday or a box of sympathy cards. This way you are prepared with necessary cards on hand when needed, without making a special trip.

Do you buy greeting cards in advance? Do you send greeting cards at all?

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