Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Paper: A Journey Begins

I think I need to embark on another journey with paper. I don't exactly want to do this job, but I know that one of my goals before we move again (likely still two years away) is to eliminate enough paper that we can move with one file box. Last time we took two VERY stuffed boxes of files with us, it was way too much. And that was after eliminating bags and bags of shredded paper!

I'm calling it a journey as I know it will take some time. I also know it is a hard job that can't be completed in one afternoon. Physically maybe, but not mentally. The journey will involve small tasks over a period of time. I know I will need to review all pieces of paper, scan some and shred others.

The first task is to figure out if I need to buy a new scanner. I think I might be making it into a want, but I need the scanning process to be fast, so that it doesn't drag me down. Anything slow with computers can get so frustrating and make me want to give up on the whole process. I've heard of a Doxie scanner, but they are a little pricey. It needs to work well with my Mac.

Actually, my first task should be to clean up my online files! Earlier this year, I moved a lot of files from one computer onto our hard drive and it is mass chaos now. Digital files are easier to delete and move around at least. I think this is a better first task, so that when I do go to scan new items in it is more clear where they should be filed.

Now let's see. I need a plan to make the digital file cleanup a reality. I'm thinking a set amount of time per day to work on them. An hour feels too long, but ten minutes seems pretty short. I'm going to strive for thirty minutes each day until complete. I'm going to make sure to close all my internet tabs in the process so I don't get distracted. I will also set a timer to keep me accountable. I wish I knew how long this would really take, so I could set a deadline. I would prefer to be complete with this in about two weeks, or mid September. All I can do is strive for that right now. If I see I'm close to that date and don't have much more to do I will put in some extra time. Luckily, there is no major consequence if I don't complete it by that date!

Is anyone else on a paper journey, or need to be on one? I may post more about my process, if there is interest. I'm also interested to hear how others keep on top of their paper.

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