Friday, August 19, 2016

The List of Decluttering Possibilities

Recently, I found myself thinking about decluttering. A few items came to mind that I should probably let go of. I wasn't really in the mood to dig the items out at the time. Instead, I pulled up a blank Word document and made a list. I came up with 25 items in short period of time. I was impressed with what I could think of without digging around!

I haven't yet pulled all these items out for donation. Some of them I'm still pondering. I figure they are more likely to leave if I put them on the list. The next time I find some free time and the desire to declutter, I'm pulling as many of these items out as possible. I wonder if I will find more while I'm in the process?

Do you ever use lists to get the ideas flowing for decluttering, or cleaning or any other reason that keeps your life organized?

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