Monday, September 5, 2016

Where to Start Decluttering?

When we are in the place of overwhelm, it is really hard to get started decluttering. We are looking at ALL the stuff and can't possibly fathom where to start or if it will ever get done. In fact, it seems impossible doesn't it?

My best advice when you are overwhelmed: pick a small task.

Small areas are easier to handle. They generally can be completed in small amounts of time. And even a small task is good practice for the larger projects. A small task that is completed is a confidence booster and motivator for the next task.

Here are some small tasks to consider choosing from when you feel overwhelmed:

  • Clean out your car
  • Declutter your purse or wallet
  • Sort the pile of mail
  • Check your medications for expiration
  • Sort one shelf in your kitchen cupboard
  • Declutter one drawer in your dresser
  • Review the shoes by your front door
  • Declutter underneath one sink
  • Clear the top of your nightstand
  • Sort one box of children's toys
  • Clear off the pile on a chair
  • Sort through your makeup
  • Clear off the top of your dryer
Once you pick one of these areas, your goal is to touch all items in that area. Decide if the items are keep or toss. Toss the trash right away. Review the keep items and make sure they are really needed. You aren't keeping them just in case are you? Just in case items do not add value to your home. If you ever need them, they can be replaced. The keep items then need to go to their correct home. If you aren't sure where that is, ask if where you would look for that item or where you want to find that item. Take the item there right away. And repeat with all items.

Yea! You completed your first small task! Notice how that felt. Did it take very long? Isn't it great to look at that area you decluttered and see the results? 

Just start decluttering. Start small. You will make progress. You will improve each time! 

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