Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Annual Task: Dusting Baseboards

Can you tell I've been cleaning? I'm knocking out some tasks that are done less frequently. And for me it seems, I'm much more motivated to do them in the spring and fall.

I realized it had been about a year since I cleaned the baseboards on the lower level of our home. I had spot cleaned some obvious areas a few times through the year, but it was time to do a full cleaning.

Last year, I used a small paint brush and a bucket of soapy water because they were really grimy from the previous owners. This year, I used a dry microfiber cloth and wet one.

I used the dry one to wipe up most the dust and the wet one to clean up the remainder and and residue that remained (luckily not too much).

I was able to complete the downstairs of our home in just 30 minutes. I was working very fast and felt like I had completed a workout by the end! I think I last did the upstairs in the spring, so I'll catch those in about six months.

Do you dust baseboards in your home? How often? Do you have a special technique or tool?

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