Monday, October 17, 2016

Quarterly Task: Refrigerator Cleaning

I've figured out that cleaning of a refrigerator is at least a quarterly task for me. I would like it to be more often, but it doesn't get dirty that fast for me to notice the need to clean. About every three months, I can see more crumbs and small spills that have accumulated.

I sprung into action last week and attempted to time myself, along the way! It's not as long of a task as you might think. I started at approximately  3:39 pm in the afternoon.  I mention approximately because I had already removed the items on the top shelf when I remember that I should take pictures!

Once I cleared each shelf I simply wiped it down with a soapy rag, rinsed and then dried it off with a kitchen towel.

I made sure to pull out any old food along the way. This time only ONE item that expired on the day I was working on the refrigerator. What are the odds?

By the way, I really try to pull out expired food weekly, just prior to grocery shopping. It it also helps to get leftovers you know you will eat again into the freezer right away.

I only completed the refrigerator on this day. The freezer has drawers and will only take a few minutes more.

The time for this task according to my pictures is 14 minutes. Honestly, it was probably closer to 12 minutes. I once again forgot to take the picture when I actually finished. By the time I took it I had put muffin batter into my cupcake pan and into the oven.

Do you need to clean out your refrigerator? Can you spare 15 minutes or less to get it done? 

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