Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Decluttering

I personally do not expect to be in the stores shopping on Friday. I have in the past, when I really wanted the deals. This year our gift list is small and the items I'm purchasing aren't going to be on sale in most cases. The sales are definitely designed for you to want more and more. Those items will fill your home for the holiday, but will you want or need those items six months from now?

I challenge you to declutter on this national day of shopping instead. The feeling of letting go of the excess that fills your home will be long lasting, and rewarding. Most likely it will be visible. And it will also curb the desire to go out and shop.

I did my Black Friday decluttering early, so I would have some pictures to share of our excess.

An extra pan that we found we didn't like and stopped using.

A blanket that hasn't been used in a few years.

Shoes that have been worn out.

And a couple shirts I don't expect to wear again.

What can you find to declutter today?

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