Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Christmas Mission: Baking Begins

I've already started my Christmas baking!

Last week, I baked mint chocolate chip cookie bars on Tuesday. And then on Friday, my daughter and I made peanut butter fudge. I find part of the fun in baking this time of year is doing it together. And even though it was before Thanksgiving, we played Christmas music. 

We sampled a little bit of the goodies soon after they were made, but quickly cut them and froze them for later consumption. We still have two more recipes we will bake and freeze before Christmas. They are both on the calendar during the week after Thanksgiving. 

There will be a pie and one other holiday snack that I will make the day or two before Christmas. 

It feels good to break down the baking into smaller sessions. If I were working outside the home, I might consider doing the essential baking on a Friday night or a Saturday morning, and get it all done at once.  However, remember, we don't have to do it all! I've just decided that baking is important to our holiday traditions. If you need holiday cookies, it isn't wrong to buy them from your local bakery or grocery store. 

Will you bake this year? What will you make? 

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  1. I'm going to attempt peanut butter fudge this year, after reading about you making it :)