Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Mission: Check Lights and Gift Wrap

I have completed my first two Christmas missions. I did schedule these for two days last week. I procrastinated a little and ended up doing them on one day. Combined I spent less than 15 minutes completing them.

First up was to peek in my Christmas gift wrap storage bin. I was pleased to find plenty of gift wrap and bags. I found that I was very short on tissue paper, with only 8 pieces of green as my options.

I gathered two pens, a pair of scissors, tape and more address labels (also known as gift tags) so that these items are nearby when I go to wrap gifts! 

Next up was to check our Christmas lights to make sure all strands we intend to use were ready to be used when it's time to decorate. In the past, we had many instances of being the task of decorating the tree only to find out our lights were burnt out. Everything had to stop so we could buy more! That wasn't a festive feeling. Now I always check. I hear this is less of an issue with LED lights.

My lights were easy to find as all of our Christmas decorations are in one place on these shelves in the garage. Four sets were in the top red bin and the final set was in the bottom red bin.

I'm a fan of white lights!!

All five of our sets light up! I'm so happy I don't have to shop for them or spend money on them this year. Keep your eyes open for places to recycle your holiday lights now. In the past, Home Depot and Lowe's have provided recycling and coupons for new light sets. 

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