Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christmas Mission: Ingredient List

In this season of busy, I'm committing 20 minutes each day to something Christmas related. I figure the small amounts of time add up to getting a lot done over time. My most recent mission was to list the baking ingredients I needed to buy, so I would be ready with my list on our next shopping trip.

I used my planner! It contains the printed recipes for all my baking this season. I'm thinking if I make my list this year I may actually be able to use it again next year, if I make the same things. 

I simply started my list by flipping through each recipe. Eventually, I had flour listed with amounts like 4c + 2c + 1/2c + 3/4c. I totaled them up and figured out if that equaled more than a bag of flour turns out no in this case. That total of 7.25 cups is more like half a five pound bag if that. I did this with all the ingredients to come up with a clear list for the grocery store. Some items I already had on hand, such as spices and salt. I left those ingredients off the shopping list. 

I do have a lot of ingredients, but I am making at least six different items. Right now I think I'll be buying all of my ingredients at once, but since a few are perishable I will probably wait to buy those right before I bake.

It feels good to get another Christmas task complete.  I'm positive this took me less than twenty minutes to complete. What twenty minute task can you do today that will help you prepare for Christmas?

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