Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Mission: Photo Gifts

I decided early in November that I will make three different photo gifts this year. This is at least the second year for this and I have found it really does take some extra effort and time. It has been helpful to have a photo gift mission every few days on my calendar to make progress. 

I'm using all digital photos, so I have at least skipped the need to scan photos from originals. But the preparation of locating the digital photos on my computer and hard drive sounds easier than it has been. I'm sure I spent a couple hours or more going through various files and instructing my photo service to upload them. 

The simpler the project the easier and faster they are to complete. A mug or a coaster with one picture is super fast. A calendar can take a bit longer depending on how many photos and thought you put in to arranging them. And a photo book, for me at least, takes even longer to get the pictures arranged to tell a story, and visually look just right. 

The time spent on photo gifts is worth it! Just know that they do take time and plan some photo gift mission days on your calendar to make the effort less stressful. 

Are you making any gifts with photos this holiday season? 

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