Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas Mission: Planning

I've already started posting my Christmas Missions, but I wanted to step back a bit and explain.

I spent some time in early November looking at my calendar and writing in tasks that I want to accomplish that will help prepare us for a peaceful (and possibly stress free) December. Some of those tasks were the ones already mentioned the last two days on the blog. I checked on our Christmas wrapping and lights. I also made my shopping list for the baking ingredients I need.

I have scheduled shopping, working on photo gifts, setting up decorations, baking and wrapping all on my November and December calendars. I've found that a little effort every day, especially in November makes a huge difference in how the holiday all comes together.

It's not too late to start making a list of your own Christmas Missions, those tasks that may only take 20 minutes of your day this month, but will make a big difference in the days leading up to Christmas.

I would suggest first making a list of  everything you think you need to do, buy or bake. After that big brain storm session, look again at the list and decide if you would feel less stress by not doing some of those things. For example, I'm letting go of the need to send Christmas cards. It's just not on my to do list any longer. One less thing on the list means less stress! After you are down to the essential Christmas tasks, start setting aside 20 minutes to get some of your tasks done each day. Or if you can't find 20 minutes during the week, what can you accomplish in a larger block of time on the weekends?

I will continue to share some of my Christmas Missions in the coming days and weeks. Please share what you have been doing to prepare here in the comments or on the Organized Friends Facebook page.

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