Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Mission: A Tree Decorated

I posted on the Organized Friends Facebook page on Saturday night that we had put up our 'second' tree! This is a first for us to decorate before Thanksgiving just so you know. I feel like I have a good reason though. We are traveling for Thanksgiving. I expect we will be exhausted when we return on the weekend, which means the likelihood of decorating that weekend is slim. 

In the past we have decorated the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving and I liked that! It was very festive getting the house trimmed. Last year, we were also traveling, and we didn't get the tree up until the following weekend after Thanksgiving. It felt really late.

So this year, as part of my Christmas Missions, many of which take 20 minutes or less, I'm adding decorating to the list. The tree above is our second tree that we set up in our bonus room. This tree has coordinated ribbon and ornaments. It's not nearly as sentimental as our main tree. And because it is not sentimental it is super fast to put up. I'm guessing my husband and I got it done in about 30 minutes. (I now wish I set a timer! )

By the time you read, this I expect we will have our main tree at least set up in our living room with lights on, so when we return from Thanksgiving we can enjoy adding the ornaments that have stories attached to them. 

Does anyone else decorate their home before Thanksgiving? If so, why do you do it? Are you traveling or celebrating Christmas with out of town family over Thanksgiving? What Christmas Mission can you accomplish today? 

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