Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Mission: Weekly Gift Wrapping

My plan for this Christmas season is to wrap gifts weekly. Every Friday specifically. I figure a few gifts probably takes just 20 minutes or less. I expect this to save me from a big marathon session of wrapping late in the season.

My gift wrap is stored under a bed in our bonus room. All the supplies I need are inside, including tape, scissor and pens. Pulling it out and wrapping a few gifts will be simple.

My first gift wrap session involved wrapping just two gifts. Very easy!

I will put the gifts under the tree as soon as it is up. I have one older daughter at home, so there is not an issue with her peeking or getting too excited before Christmas. I read online, that one mother, puts the wrapped gifts in a black plastic bag. She just sets the bag aside in their living room. No one questions what is in it! I'm sure it just looks like trash. 

How do you handle gift wrapping? Do you have all your holiday gift wrap in one place? 

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of putting the gifts in a black plastic bag. That'll be my problem once they're wrapped: where to put them. I do like the idea of hiding in plain sight.