Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Progress

I thought you all might want an update on some of my Christmas preparations as the month comes to an end. I have been able to get a lot accomplished because I have been doing a little bit everyday. Some sessions are as short as twenty minutes. Others take an hour at the most.

I have purchased 80% of the gifts I need to buy. A majority of these items have been purchased online. I did buy a few things at brick and mortar retailers.

I have only wrapped two gifts. However, I do have a stash of gifts that are ready to be wrapped and I have more arriving in the mail this week. I plan to wrap on Friday's, but if I see I have time I may wrap more often.

Our home is decorated! We decorated over the course of three different sessions. The first session was the set up of our outdoor tree and lights. That one was quick and finished in about 20 minutes. The next session was the set up of our secondary tree in our bonus room. That was also pretty quick, clocking in under 45 minutes. And the third stage of decorating involved the setting up of our main tree in our living room. I had two helpers, so it was another quick set up, but probably closer to an hour. I also put out our Nutcracker, hung stockings, and put out pine cones and antique ornaments out for display.

I've done some baking! Thus far I have made mint chocolate chip cookie bars and peanut butter fudge. All of it is in the freezer. I finished buying the remainder of my baking ingredients at the store on Sunday. I have scheduled time on my calendar to make two other types of cookies. One of those I have planned for tomorrow. And the final one will be done this weekend when my daughter has time to help.

I decided not to send Christmas cards this year. I did eCards last year and that was a little less work, but I'm not sure I liked it well enough to do it again. This year I feel fine skipping the cards, as I see it as one way to reduce stress during a busy time.

I do have two gifts that will be need to be mailed in December. I have already put that task on my calendar for mailing on Friday, December 16. That date does mean the gift will arrive a little early, but I want it off my plate. I can only imagine the post office will be very busy the following week. I will be at the post office later today to mail something I sold online, I'm making sure to pick up the box I will need for the gifts then, so I save myself a trip.

The reality is I've done a lot of the work and can start thinking about what I want to do to enjoy the season outside of our home. That will take some planning with family, so I will put that on the calendar to discuss this weekend.

Have you started your Christmas tasks? If you started, what have you accomplished?

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