Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Mission: Gift Wrapping Complete

I had been waiting for my final online orders to arrive in the mail to do the last of my gift wrapping. I had five gifts to wrap. I was able to put three in gift bags, while the other two needed to be wrapped in paper. It was very effortless because I had all my supplies in one place (that was one of those November Christmas missions).

I made sure to put on the festive Christmas tunes to make it a cheerful event. Oh, and I treated myself to a couple cookies from the freezer! Yes, the ones I made last month. They thawed while I wrapped and were quite tasty!

As I went to put away my gift wrap, I did a quick tidy of my bin. I did see one gift bag and two semi crushed bows that I was ready to part with. I will open it up just one more time this year, to put away the gift bags, boxes and bows. I expect I will do this on Christmas day and have it done in less than a minute.

Oh, and I mentioned this on the Organized Friends Facebook page, but I have a method to keep little hands out of gift bags. Tape! Just seal the top with tape and pull of each year so the bag can be reused. So much easier to wrap in a bag than with paper. And this saves a lot of time!

All gifts wrapped and ready to open on Christmas day!

How are you doing on your Christmas preparations?

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